“These poems have a lexicon and language all their own. They build each body—body of person, body of land or sea—with a precision and a sensuality that comes from understanding there are more than five senses. A reader is given the gift of feeling the silences, the touches, the strengths and tendernesses of these bodies. The energy in the poems is quiet yet palpable, as if writing them down was a risk, a danger—as poems should be, maybe—a danger to see, to feel, to return to in memory or imagination.”

—Natalie Diaz

“‘War Music’ is an ambitious exploration of what music is, what it conjures, and what it becomes amid the urgencies of lived experience. In Eaton’s capable hands, music becomes a poignant accompaniment to grief and fear, and a vehicle for departure, or deliverance.”

—Tracy K. Smith


“Reading the Bones”— with Charles Wright, Virginia Quarterly Review

“Language Terrifies Me” — Sam Murphy,